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Thoughts on Google and what's next

I'm leaving Google to join a tiny energy startup ☀️🔌🔋 as CTO!

In Defence Of Dialog

The modal dialog is here. Stop, and be prompted! ✋

How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love Animating The Box Model

Or, let's talk about accordions. 🪗

Node.js Streams & Object Mode

Streams for bytes are rarely useful, and objectMode can be made better.

Understanding Load Events on the Web

We use the load and DOMContentLoaded events in our scripts, but do you understand why?

Peter Thorogood

Peter's tech eulogy: 1947—2020

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Plex, Ubuntu & Quadro Cards on AMD

AMDs don't do hardware transcoding. You can buy a Quadro card and it works in Ubuntu / Linux.

Sents File Watcher for Node

A pure-JS file watcher with no dependencies.

Disposable Web Components

Web Components are described as re-usable. What if instead, we can dispose of them and restart whenever we like?

Async functions & microtasks

A brief interlude on async, Promise, and execution order.

Make Async Methods Sync in Node.js

You shouldn't block the main thread to make async methods sync... unless, hmmmm? 🤔💭

Inert in HTML

How to make your elements and subtrees inert—unclickable and unfocusable—in HTML.

Smart Switches

Home Automation through smart switches.

UX, meaning and singular focus

Consoles present modals when they want user input, such as from the keyboard. Can we apply this to the web?