Sam Thorogood — Engineer at Google Australia since 2009. I enjoy board games, travel, emoji, interesting design discussions and long walks on the beach. My partner, Nicky Ringland, is a founder at Grok Learning.

I'm in the Developer Platforms team at Google. I've worked on Google Wave, Drive, Chrome, App Engine, and the Maps SDK for iOS.

Aeons ago, I studied CS at the University of Sydney, and my 1st class Honours thesis discussed files and their relationships. I regularly return to the University to teach at NCSS.



Type emoji in your browser. Works from IE11+, loads with ES6 modules on supported platforms.

Focus inside Shadow DOM

Wherein I explain some concepts about how the browser treats focus inside Shadow DOM, and how you as a developer can get access to it.

Grug Learning


Simple mobile-friendly game that uses deviceorientation so you can route discs to a location that gives you the most points.



Make text big. An offline-ready Progressive Web App.