Sam Thorogood — Engineer at Google Australia since 2009. I enjoy board games, travel, interesting design discussions and long walks on the beach. My partner, Nicky Ringland, is a founder at Grok Learning.

I'm in the Developer Platforms team at Google. I've worked on Google Wave, Drive, Chrome, App Engine, and the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

Aeons ago, I studied CS at the University of Sydney, and my 1st class Honours thesis discussed files and their relationships. I regularly return to the University to teach at NCSS.



Be notified via Web Push when your Steam friends are playing DOTA2.

HTML Template


Quick, helpful HTML template for new sites.


Vanilla Material Design ripples. Originally released in late 2014, now on NPM and Bower.

Santa Tracker 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of being the lead on Google’s Santa Tracker project this year, including a major village redesign, streamlined Cast support, and Polymer upgrade from 0.5 to 1.2+ and beyond.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Learn a bit about one of Google’s great perks, our car share program, through a video produced with Mitsubishi about one of our cars.

Modern Animation Fundamentals

Google Developers video covering CSS Animations, the Web Animations API, and requestAnimationFrame.

Much Element, Very Animate

Learn about Web Animations vs. other approaches to animation in HTML.



Learn about my love of affogato through ironically posed photos (hipster hipster tumblr blog).


I play a lot of board games; the scores are usually lost, like tears in the rain. Now I — and you — have a way to record them.

CS4HS @ Macquarie University

Talk given to a group of Year 11 & 12 teachers at Macquarie University.